Helping thousands of patients over the past 22 years in practice, Dr. Corey is a leader in providing life changing & transformational care in helping our patients overcome acute and chronic health conditions. When you come to WellnessStop Chiropractic & Natural Health Center, We will work with you to correct the underlying causes of your health challenges and get you back to a healthy state in the shortest time possible. 



Focuses on getting to the root cause of health problems through functional medicine by addressing the whole person; by identifying and remediating the underlying causes & conditions through methods including applied kinesiology, comprehensive lab testing, Imaging studies, Field Control therapy environmental toxicity testing, and food sensitivity testing. 

Once the underlying causes are identified, we combine scientifically-based and alternative treatments to develop an individualized care plan to guide and support our patients back to restored functional health.



Your spine & nervous system are the master communication networks in the body which controls and directs every function we have as living beings.  Without normal function, health will decline and health will not be expressed.  See how you can get healthy and stay healthy.  Whether you are experiencing pinched nerves, disc bulges, or degeneration of the spine, we've got effective spinal decompression solutions to get you back to health without the risks of surgery.


Thyroid problems are all too common and there is an answer to correcting the underlying causes traditional doctors do not address.  Up to 97% of patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism have and autoimmne disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis...Your thyroid recovery needs more than synthetic hormone replacement.  We will address your thyroid problems from a root cause, functional & holistic approach to get you back to living the life you deserve.   Call our office for your comprehensive evaluation today.  Click "Learn More" to watch our master class to discover    what you need to know to take control over thyroid problems for life.                                                                  


Our neuropathy relief and corrective protocols are second to none in restoring nerve function without the countless toxic and damaging medications being used today.   Contact our office for your comprehensive peripheral neuropathy consultation and examination to evaluate the severity of your case and learn the options you have which can correct the underlying causes and halt the progression of further nerve damage. 


Autoimmunity is when our immune system mounts an attack against our own organs and glands–the very tissues it’s supposed to protect from foreign invaders! Regardless which tissue is attacked, the mechanism is the same–the immune system gone awry.Autoimmune disease is... 

  • The #2 cause of chronic illness in the U.S.
  • The #3 leading cause of Social Security disability after heart disease and cancer
  • The eighth leading cause of death in women
  • Over 20 million people in the U.S. have autoimmune disease and 75% are women.


Toxicity & environmental issues are the leading causes of cancer, autoimmunity and chronic disease throughout the world.  Dr. Corey has been on the forefront of helping patients overcome health crisis' due  the overburden of chronic infection & toxicity with his unique approach of FCT bioresonance therapy.  These include: Lyme & co-infections, heavy metals, fungus/molds,  xenobiotics, virus', bacteria and more.   

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Correcting the "underlying causes" of health challenges.

Healthier choices in healthcare are available as we provide a holistic, individualized approach and will guide you to regaining your health and wellness. We will help you to overcome illness naturally and achieve your health goals as we identify the root cause(s) of chronic illness and unexplained symptoms.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you set and achieve your personal health goals. Find out how our clinic is different. Call our office today to schedule your consultation and begin your health transformation.